Thanksgiving 2013




Thanksgiving 2013 - Beautiful day - Sunday, October 13, 2013.  iI is about noon, Judy is setting up for dinner.  She prepped a lot of
what she is cooking yesterday.  I did up Jamie Oliver's Make Ahead Gravy yesterday - pictures below.  I have the ham on, the 25 pound
turkey in the electric oven, and a 7 KG (15 p
ound) turkey in the smoker.  Brother Paul is bringing a turkey, Ron is bring appies.  Figure we are
at about 21 for dinner tonight - the number has varied a bit - but that is what we are currently setting the table for.

I've made Jamie's Make Ahead gravy before, and enjoyed it.  We'll still take what we can get from the turkeys today - and add it to what
I have.  In addition to Jamie's recipe - below, I've added a few things.  Several cloves of garlic in the original cookup - with the wings and vegetables.  In addition, today, while concentrating the flavours, I added some 5 spice, and some star anise and allspice (wrapped in a piece
of gauze)  and dropped into the gravy mixture.

Jamie Oliver's Make Ahead Gravy   

Jamie Oliver's Best Turkey in the World

Jamie Oliver's Best Christmas Rub

Jamie Oliver's Flavoured Butter

The picture below cut off a few people - Alex send me your photo, and I'll post it!

Here are some pics:

Sunday Morning - from the fridge in the background - ladled into a saucepan for finishing

Strain the vegetables et al out

Time for the Mash

Just out of the oven

Prepped - ready to go into the oven




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