Satellite View




Here are some pictures from the air - Satellite and 'Birds-eye' View.  These are thumbnails,
so click them for the full resolution pictures.  I've taken a 360 view of the property.
For reference, the road in the upper left hand corner, ends just past the house, and it is gravel
through to the next field.  In the picture below, the really green field is the property in
in question, about in the middle of the picture left to right. 

There is a creek down in the trees to the right.  This time of year, the field is quite wet.
We would need to look at cutting the topsoil back to hardpan, and then bringing in gravel
for any sort of access road, and for the pad for the shipping containers.  The nearest house
is to the left, with an older couple occupying a house.  They have approximately 20 Acres,
bordering onto the property being discussed.

The road runs North South, and this picture is taken looking West.  The arrow points to the
roadway where it enters the property line.


Initial thoughts are to put the C-Cans where the arrow is, and then put the main tower
in the center of the field.  This is about 100-150 meters from the road access.

The picture below is looking South.  There is no building on the right at the end of
road - it is gravel.

Below - this is a huge field, and on the ground you can barely see the power lines.  Check
out the pictures taken on the ground.  Main tower where the arrow is.

Below - looking North - left side of the picture, you can see where the road ends.  It
continues to the property line as a gravel road.  Power is as far as the house
on the right.  Hydro will bring the power to the property line, and we will have to go
underground from there.

Below - from the center of this field, you can see 360 - just trees in the way.  You can't
see anyone's house, except the farmer that owns the land.

Below - Looking East.

Picture below - Bottom left - paved road ends - then gravel for about 200 meters.  Bottom
right you can see the farmer's poultry barns.  The older couple's property is center and low
in this picture. 


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