090405 - Ordered the Flex-Radio 5000A with the second receiver, the ATU and two different mikes on Thursday last week.  Expect it to be three or four weeks for delivery.  I'm also looking at the SPE Expert - 1 kilowatt, fully automatic amplifier.  Just this weekend I heard that Steppir is going to be the dealer for North America for SPE.  Great - because I am starting to look at the Steppir DB36 - 80 through 6 meters on a beam.

Here is a link to a great video on the amp http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4866227112174256856 and here is a link on the Amplifier itself: http://www.radio-ham.eu/Expert1K-FA.htm


090401 -


"You can see the "temporary" road I was describing. Note geotextile cloth sticking out the edges with gravel on top. Heavy equipment can drive over this without damaging the soil underneath. Works great! This is farm land in Ladner where  a company needed to access the farms."

John came up with a great idea - eliminates the need to dig up the soil, and significantly reduced the amount of gravel required.  In addition, this is a true 'temporary' use of the land.  Pick up the gravel, roll up the geotextile cloth.


090329 - Spent a few hours last night, now that I have a plot of the farmer's field, laying out two alternatives for site placement and layout.  This still needs a lot of work.  Both plans have a pad 120 feet by 120 feet.  I think this is too big - need to lay it out on the field and eyeball it.  I'm currently thinking a 53 foot C-Can placed closest to the access road might be the best positioning.  This way, anything parked on the other side of the C-Can will not be visible to the access road.

Initially two towers and a few telephone poles - need to work on the separation a bit more and distance between them.



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