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Images of Lesotho

CQ World Wide DX Contest - CW - 7P8D

121201 - Saturday 10:45 a.m. - Walked up to the Trading Post with Neil and Frosty - took a few pictures.  In some of the pictures you can see blankets - traditionally wrapped around your body and pinned with a large safety pin.  Neil picked one up for about 180 Rand.

Saturday at O-Dark-30 - Major T-Storms blowing through - grabbed a picture out the door - huge torrential downpour.  Water running down the driveway, onto the walk way - was three or four inches deep across the walkway I had to cross over to get to my hut.

I understand from Jenny that she had campers in the lower field, and they pitched their tent just about where the water crossed that field.  I heard the campers looked like drowned rats this a.m.  They don't get a lot of rain, or rain very often, so when it rains that hard, it has to flow somewhere.  The place will be green before we leave.

121130 - Friday at 4:00 p.m.

BBQ at lunch

Major thunder storm rolling in Friday afternoon

Friday morning 11:00 - Sudden thunderstorm - looking from the operations room toward the main house - picture doesn't do justice to the amount of rain coming down in a very short period of time

Friday morning - about 9:30- Walked over to the Trading post again this a.m. - got a picture of the pumps - gas is about 11.61 Rand per litre. 


Below - this gives me a lot of comfort.  Skeleton keys - by the numbers - take a look at the key to your lodging, walk in here and ask for key number so and so - it will fit your door.

Below - Trading Post - a couple of more Burros

121127 - Wednesday morning - the next two pictures were taken about 6:30 a.m. outside of the Trading Post

Galvanized steel roof - about six foot six to the roof on the left - and about seven foot six at the right.  I'm guessing the rocks are there to keep the roof from blowing off

Above - the foundation dug out for a new home.  It looks like they will frame it in, and pour a concrete foundation.  The dirt, thrown into the center, will be tamped down and become the earth floor.

121125 - Monday morning - took a few pictures after breakfast

More pictures of the Rondoval homes - Below - outside - grass roof - and they added on a concrete building for a vestibule and a bathroom

Below - you can see the depth of the walls - made from solid rock

Inside the front door - and the door to the bedroom

Below - laying on my bed and looking at the ceiling - and after the torrential downpour - we know it is water tight

And below - My Lesotho license

Monday a.m. - pictures from Sunday

Roger, Frosty and I put together a R7 vertical and then put it up.  Works pretty good.  Here are some pictures.

Here is a picture of some giddy up goes - horses brought in for some other guests staying at the lodge


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