120121 - We had an excellent work party at the project today.  Jeff was there first - opened the place up - heat was on.  Bill
got there next - after his usual Saturday a.m. breakie with his buddies.  Gary was next, followed by Al.  Ben arrived later. 
Jordon showed up to write his exam, with his dad Doug.  Dave E. was there and John M. showed up late in the afternoon for
an hour - after work.

We got the Cushcraft 5 bander off of the tower.  We tuned up the 10 meter antenna, and got it up on top of the tower.  The
new 15 meter antenna was built, and put up on the tower  as well.  Al 'McGuyvered' a mast - out of 21 feet of 1.5 inch
galvanized steel pipe.  He then put a piece of 2.0 inch pipe on the outside of it, with a flange attached to 10 inches of the
2.0 inch pipe.  A flange at the top of the pipe, with a swivel pulley, and we have a fantastic way to assemble and test
antennas.  The full plan is to bury another pipe in concrete, and have this pipe fit into it.  For now, we have it attached to a
fence post.  This really speeded up our ability to safely test antennas - and in most cases one person could do it alone.  In
addition, it gives us a safe place to store antennas before they find their final mounting point. 

The following are pictures - I've done them in reverse chronological order - so the newest are on the top.  Awesome day. 
Also remember that they are thumbnails - you can click on them to see the full size pictures.



Al's plan - and boy did this work out well as a prototype for testing Antennas and
temporarily storing them - one person was able to raise and lower the antenna by them self
and the antenna was at a comfortable height to work on it

The inside of the 32 foot container I just purchased for the project.  It came with floor to ceiling
steel shelving in it.  Will be an excellent addition to the project

Coax transfer station - More antennas!

The following are Gary's pictures of the day's events


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