I specified as part of our deal that the house batteries had to be replaced.  I also needed to replace the chassis batteries, but wanted to do some research before I did.  I picked up two new Sealed Lead Acid starting batteries - 12 volt - 1150 cold cranking amps.  Here is what I found when I pulled out the professionally installed coach batteries.  First picture shows that one of the connecting cables was sitting on the battery terminal not bolted to it.  This is the same set of new batteries that I had to couple with the chassis batteries to start the diesel engine!  Huge risk of fire and or explosion.

The second picture - after we had fixed the poor connection and tested the rest - several of which were loose.  We had difficulty pushing the tray back in - turns out it was the main cable going from the battery tray was jammed behind the tray and had completely worn through the loom protection and had worn the protective rubber completely off of it.  This was also a huge risk of it going it shorting out.  This is approximately 420 amps at 12 volts.




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