100926 - Busy week - Ben and I were at the project, with Ben doing most of the work.  The area under the pods has been 'treated' with tar - so it should 'pool' less water and be more insulated when water is there.  Ben did find a leak up there - which has been sealed.  Huge effort from Ben - nasty job working with that tar.

Was down there today, with Kenny and Christian - we did a pretty good job of burning off the weeds in the compound - looks like another 4 or 5 hours of work there to get that done.  Kenny put the insulation back in, and the plastic - with it well sealed - we are going to give it a week or two, and see if I have any condensation.

Ken and I got the bookshelf up in the porch, and moved a bunch of the wire, rotators and stuff out there.  It has moved all of the stuff from the 'to-be' kitchen out of the way, so we have more room to work on that area.  I found Dennis' windom antenna and will get that to him in the next few days.

We also cleaned up the place, and I brought a bunch of the cardboard home.  Garbage was also cleaned up.  Place is starting to look good.  Ran the Propane generator for a few hours today - brought everything up to charge.  I need to follow up on the solar info - haven't heard back from them - business must be really good if they don't need to follow up on leads.

Power Room - ceiling back in

East side - cleaned up the porch - put in the bookshelf

Christian firing the weeks

Jeff's workstations

Kitchen cleaned up a bit

100911 - Went over for the Nanaimo Swap meet and scored three Glenayre Model M 2801 DC - DC Converter - Input 24VDC (20 min, 30V max) output 13.6 VDC - 10 amp - Two of these units are substantive - heavy, good heat sink, and well shielded


100715 - Jeff (VE7HPS) and Al (VA7AEB) were at the project on Thursday.  They ran the generator for a few hours, and worked the world.  Jeff took some pictures - I was out of town and the brothers had arranged to have the fencing crew in there.  Here are some pictures.

North Side of the Project - Gate and ditch

Looking North East

Looking South

Looking East

Looking North - access gate to the farm

Standing at front gate - looking East

Gate swung open

Main Gate

North Gate