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090707 - Received some interesting observations from Martin Hyde, VA7HYD.  They are cut and pasted below:

"Good Evening Bill,

I downloaded the discussion paper (all 20+ pages) on cel phone
etc usage from the government website.
Of interest is that the discussion paper indicates that 25% of
accidents are due to driver distraction, but no where in the
paper is there any mention of what portion of that 25%
is due to cel phone or electronics use.
One reference I found on line suggests that cel phone usage
accounts for 5% of distraction...or 1.25% of total accidents....
That suggests that a possible means of tackling this issue is
to put cel phone use in perspective by ranking it along with
other causes of accidents and suggesting that increased enforcement
etc of the top ten causes of accidents might pay more of a
dividend than adding new laws.



090706 - I have received some extra PDF documents which I am attaching for the interest of Amateur Radio operators in British Columbia.

ARRL Mobile Policy Statement

Ontario Minister of Transportation Background Document

RAC - Letter to Ontario Transportation Minister

RAC - Background letter to Ontario Transportation

The Canadian Association of Rally Sport

090702 - British Columbia has recently identified that they are looking to introduce legislation to limit the use of cell phones and other electronic devices, while driving  Recently, a number of jurisdictions have been looking at this issue, and have introduced or passed legislation to that effect.  A concern of Amateur Radio, is that our equipment and use needs to be specifically excluded from the legislation.

British Columbia is at a very early stage of this legislation.   This link http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/legislation/current.htm shows the Province's position, and provides an opportunity to download a position paper, as well as to leave feedback.

At this time we would encourage you to download the position paper and read it.  I think many, if not most of us, would be hard pressed to argue that the use of a cell phone, at least without a hand's free device, is not distracting to at least a large portion of the population.  Our concern, is to make sure that if the legislation goes through, it specifically excludes the use of Amateur Radio equipment.

I will be posting more information here as events emerge.  I would encourage you to send me an email with any issues or concerns you have, or ideas on how we can provide a positive message back to the Province.  Until we actually see the proposed legislative language, we don't know if we are in or out of scope of the law.

Feedback will be accepted by the Province through early August.  We have time to do some research, to prepare a position, and ask for your support on this important threat to Amateur Radio.

I can be reached at VE7XS @ RAC.CA

Bill Gipps, Director, Radio Amateurs of Canada, BC & YK



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