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12-07-02 We took possession of our new (to us) motor home.  It is a Forest River Berkshire 2009 Diesel Pusher.  36 foot long, four slide-outs.  It had about 4,700 miles on it, and 7.2 hours on the generator.  I'm planning on making mods to the unit, as well as documenting some of the things we find.

Here are copies of all of our documentation for the unit - pdf's primarily.

Yesterday  we opened up the tank storage area of the motor home - pictures aren't great - but they do show what is there.  Gray and Black water on top, potable water on the bottom. 

And the Generator below.  Generac 7.5 Kw Diesel and liquid cooled.  Burns about 1/2 gallon of diesel an hour

Challenges with the new batteries put in by the dealer - click here

After running the Generator at a heavy load, the Red Phase basically quit working.  Jeff trouble shot it, and discovered that the factory installed connection, within four feet of the generator and burnt up.  This is where the 14 gauge wire connected to the heavier 6 gauge wire.  This could have caused a dangerous fire.  Future mods will include running heavier cables from the generator into the factory connector box.


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