0907 - Mid July - I spent an afternoon in the field.  One end to the other.  I was in there with my Yaesu 857D, a Hi-Q 5/80 vertical antenna, some sandwiches and a soda or two.  Great afternoon.  No Noise Floor at all, anywhere in the field.  I've got some pictures, below, about the field.  It is very private, quiet, and beautiful.  While I was working the radio, there were hawks and eagles working the field.

So - I'm in a position where I need to go back to the farmer's and finalize the deal.  I must admit, I'm a little nervous about the environment, and the financial commitment, but I am convinced it is the right thing to do.

This is from two locations in the field.  One is as far East as you can go - and stay in the field.  The other is about 50% through the field.  There was a nice 6 meter opening while I was working the radio, and picked up a few contacts. 

I am convinced that this field has some good potential.





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