I quite often send out an email to friends and acquaintances in the ham radio hobby, with links that I have come across.  I've  started to realize that it would be good if I would capture this research on-line, where I don't have to go back and hunt through my outbox to figure it out.  So this is it.  I will try and go back and find the previous emails and cut and paste them to this page.

090715 I've sent out an interesting link and some people aren't getting it, so here it is:

Additional info received:

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:17:34 +1200

I made this antenna mod a while ago so all I have is what's on my website.
I made the 80 m coil out of sewer pipe with top and bottom caps. I used a metal plate approx 2" dia with a SO 259 socket and the base has a die case box with a u clamp to the bull bar. The die cast box can be opened from underneath. i.e. screws pointing down to the road. Keeps it tidy and enables you to work on it and cables come out a hole at the bottom.
The relays are in the top and bottom of the coil. Watch for spacing as there are very high voltages even on 100watts. Remember you are only using the entire ATAS 120 antenna as the top section of the 80 metre coil otherwise it works as a normal ATAS antenna. Changing the freq of the ATAS antenna from say 40M to 10 metres has a fine tune effect on 80 when the 80 coil is circuit.
Good luck


090222  Now this is an awesome remote station!  Worldwide Antarctic Program for Hams  Extensive coverage on the topic of Rural Broadband – excellent  U-tube video on a shipping cart being turned into a cabin – cool  Saudi Arabia shipping container turned into an office and sleeping quarters      A shipping container from above – with pictures of the finished interior

090218 Cool GPS for the Kenwood TM-710 series radios Way cool – 64 GB solid state disk drive for a laptop – very fast, low power consumption – you know where I am going with this – but the prices seem to be all over the map 128 GB of the above 32 GB – around $100 – that is enough to load and run XP Pro as a dedicated machine with the Flex-Radio… DDUtil provides the automation required to decode and present transmit frequency data to select frequency sensitive devices such as linear amplifiers, antenna controllers (SteppIR), antenna tuners, antenna band switchers, etc. DDUtil may be used in a stand-alone mode or with up to four (4) Radio Control Programs (RCP) running simultaneously. For example it will band switch a Yaesu Quadra and PW1 amplifiers, a SteppIR antenna controller and a Palstar AT-Auto tuner all at the same time. If you want to run a radio control program such as HRD or DXLabs or MixW it will change modes and pass all commands from the radio control program to PowerSDR and still provide the passive listener devices frequency data.



090215       Excellent amateur site – interesting morse code training / practice   Long range wifi equipment  - This one came a roundabout route from Neil King VA7DX – Very cool wifi   12 volt power supply for ATX motherboard – 200 watts - so if you want to build a computer to run off of battery power – this is it!  and a 250 watt 12 volt power supply for a computer  120 watt 12 volt power supply for a computer – this one is cool - $44.50  Tiny computer case designed for mobile ops – 12 volt compatible – ideal box for a mobile 12 volt pc



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