121126 - Monday's pictures

121125 - Sunday morning - Operators at about 5:30 a.m. - First is Keith and the second is Roger.

121124 - Saturday 4:30 p.m. - just got back from a drive to Mohale Dam.  Beautiful and very rugged country - combined with, at times, torrential downpours and heavy fog.  Made for an interesting drive.  A few pictures below - highest pass was about 2,600 Meters.

We're staying at the  Roma Trading Post Lodge

Absolutely foul day - driving rain, fog and a lot of people walking up and down the mountain.  This is the site of the dam - a lot of abandoned buildings and homes left over from housing the staff during the construction of the dam.

Below - the only building still being used is by the Police

Saturday 10:30 uploading some more pictures.

Below - Lemon tree

Hex beam - Lower Meadow

Below - R7 Vertical

Below - Pool

Saturday morning - taking a few minutes to push up some more pictures.  Here is a picture of the guys getting the radios on the air - Friday night - Neil in the foreground, Keith standing and Mitch at the second station.

One of the local dogs - there are at least two of them.  They aren't nearly as mean as they look.  To his right you can see the trailer rented by Donovan - quite an interesting little trailer and we saw a lot of them driving to Lesotho.

Saturday a.m. - following two pictures show Donovan in the first one and Chris in the second.  You can get a bit of an idea on the operation room - reminders stuck to the wall.  Behind Chris you will see the 'large' 2012 7P8D Multi-national DX-Pedition banner.

Breakfast on Friday

20121122 - It is Friday, about 10 a.m.  The team is working on getting some networked computers talking on N1MM - our logging program.  I've been taking some pictures, and will push them up here.

On the way through South Africa, we saw this semi trailer. 

It was a brick truck

Below - Neal with one of the two Hex beams - outside the compound where the kids play soccer

Below - a young man riding a burro to the Trading Post

In the background you can see the mountains

Below - the operating room - looking from the main house

Below - looking where the kids play soccer in the afternoon / evening

West of the operating room - some of the local houses - along with an outhouse per house.  I don't think many of these homes had running water

Below - does that look like a Maple Leaf tree or what?

Below - Neil and Bill's Rondavels


Below - back of the main house

2012-11-05 - Ok - it is official - I'm off to Lesotho.  I received the necessary permission today to take the time off work, and I'm getting ready for the trip.  Saw the travel clinic today - arms hurt - got three shots.  I have some liquid 'shots' to take over the next two weeks.  In addition, I have some prescriptions to fill, picked up some sterile needles.  Need a few other things.


Below you can see Lesotho is an enclave country, within the Republic of South Africa.  We are going to be near the city of Maseru.

Zoomed out - you can see a bit better where Lesotho is in Africa

2012-11-01 - Ok - it is official - I'm trying to join the 2012 DX-Pedition to Lesotho.  It is around the third week of November through to the first week of December.  Here is a link to the team's web page.  http://www.zs2dl.co.za/7P8D.html More info to follow as I uncover it.  Neil King VA7DX put me onto the trip, as he is attending.  http://www.southgatearc.org/news/september2012/lesotho_dxpedition.htm  has some info on it.

This is where we are staying.  http://www.tradingpost.co.za/default.htm  

Need to figure out flights, any equipment I need to bring along, personal gear, etc.  Need to contact a travel doctor and arrange for any shots, pick up any medical supplies I think I might need (things are pretty primitive there - against North American standards.)



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