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Went out to visit some property that belongs to a fellow ham from Canada


Still not sure if these are crocs or alligators!  Another tourist couple came by - and were sure they were plastic.   I explained that five minutes ago the mouth was closed  - I don' think they are plastic (I know they are aren't)

Okay - Gord the main road up and down the peninsula - There is major work scheduled on this road - and  most of the material is supposed to be stock piled at the top of the peninsula.  According to Lance, the money is available, and work is starting.  I did see that there was a good section of the road that had been surveyed.  Trick question - what side of the road do cars drive on in Belize - remember it is an ex British Colony? 

Answer- my experience, they drive on whatever side of the road has the fewest potholes.  I'm probably the only guy in Belize who wears a seat belt in a vehicle!  However, in the Golf Cart - my main transportation - I'm at the mercy of the cab drivers flying up and down the road.

Behind the property that Gord is interested in is a Canal - Which leads out to the Lagoon side of the Peninsula