Ford Fusion Hybrid


Amateur Radio Installation
090807 Update


090804 - Updated the pictures of the on-going install of the Amateur Radio equipment in the Ford Fusion Hybrid

090731 - I've been looking for a new car for several years.  I've wanted to go Hybrid - to 'do the right thing', but really haven't been able to find something that got me excited and made me want to move.  My own car, an Acura 2000 - had some extensive wiring put in it for Amateur (Ham) Radio - and I didn't want to throw it away.  The car still runs well - but it is getting on.  I haven't figure out what to do with it yet - as I have two extra drivers in the house now - Daniel - 19, and Meaghan - 16 - who is learning.  Both like driving the Acura, and they are both responsible (because that care will haul ...)

Daniel has been helping me do the research - no, let me rephrase that, Daniel has been doing the research.  We've looked a  lot of Hybrid style vehicles.  He came to me about this Ford Fusion a couple of weeks ago, and I laughed.  I wouldn't consider buying a domestic vehicle.  Okay, the Jeep TJ was an exception - for off roading - but as my main drive?  Daniel sent me some links and I started to get interested.  This vehicle is something - absolutely excellent ratings and reviews.  We took a couple of test drives - and well, it was a done deal.  Daniel and I were coming up 96ths avenue near our house.  He was playing with the Nav system, and asked me how fast we were going.  I said 76 Kph and he said "and that is running in EV mode - off of the battery - that is what you will be driving in the city most of the time - and this is doing it on the battery".

So - we made the purchase.  Didn't really want a black car - but supplies and availability were quite low - so we are back to how Ford first sold cars - you can have any colour you want, as long as it it black!

It is in the shop this a.m., getting wired for the installation of my Amateur Radio gear. See this link here.

I had it in the shop yesterday and installed the Remote Starter option - sweet - I've always wanted one of those.

So the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is locked in a heat wave - and we've had an incredible summer, so far.  Fires burning everywhere - but lots of sun and heat.  We put in Air Conditioning a few years back (we didn't really know anyone that had air back then), and each year it seems to be getting hotter and hotter.  What a life saver now.  My buddy Chris has been telling me that he goes to bed at night with every window open, all the fans going, and it is 97 degrees Fahrenheit.  He wakes up and it is 87 degrees!  It is sweltering - by our expectations.  The car shows the external temperature as over 100 degrees F.  The AC goes continuously, so it is putting a beating on the mileage.


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