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Field Day 2013 - A group of us are doing it at the Project this year. 

June 24, 2013 - Field day is in the history books.  Here are some pictures - will post our score later.

Al's solar panel

Al's Solar Hook Up

Al operating above - below his requisite 5 contacts - all on 10 Meters

Below - Gord and his daughter Amanda - also licensed

Below - Gord and his son Greg - also Licensed

Below - Jeff VE7JR - working 15 meters

Below - Our education activity laid out

Below - Gary - a machine on 20 meters



June 19, 2013 - We are still finalizing who can play, and for how long.  Bill and Jeff will be there from Friday night through to Sunday
noonish.  The rest of the team are still finalizing their time lines.  I will document our efforts to get ready for Field Day on this page.  We
will be going in as an Echo station - under full emergency power (well - we don't have Mains electrical on any day - so we will be using
Solar, generators and batteries.)

June 21, 2013 - Ok - tick tock - we are counting down.  Bill and Gary are shooting to be there around 11:00 a.m.

Here is this weekend's menu:

	Proposed Menu
Friday Night Dinner - Single Sitting	
	BBQ Roast Beef on Spit
	Potato - Baked on BBQ or Greek
	Green Salad
	Baked Beans
Saturday Breakfast - Single Sitting	
	Hash Browns
	Baked Beans
	Stewed Crushed Tomatoes
Saturday Lunch - Grab & Go	
	Ham or Roast Beast Sandwiches
	Beef Dogs
	Cheese - sliced
	Dill Pickles
	Salad - Potato
	Tomato Slices
Saturday Dinner - Two Sittings	
	NY Strip Steaks
	Steak Fries
	Baked Beans
	Green Salad
	Potato Salad
	Fresh Vegetables Steamed
	Whole Wheat Buns

Sunday Breakfast - Two Sittings	
	Hash Browns
	Baked Beans
	Stewed Tomatoes


Here are some images (calculations) needed for our educational activity this weekend.   We will be attempting to build a multi-band
vertical dipole.



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