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090907 - The following information was received from Clyde  Raymer Alaskascatter@gmail.com

I am the current President of the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race that takes place annually during Jan in the Wallow-Whitman National Forest near Joseph, Oregon. Our website is located at www.eaglecapextreme.com

Last year we integrated Amateur radio into our communication network and it proved a success.
Before moving to Oregon I lived in Alaska, where I served as the Communication Coordinator for the Iditarod for 10+ years. I also volunteered as an operator for the Yukon Quest.
I would like to extend the opportunity to Amateurs in your area to participate in our 2010 event. Let me explain further...
The running of the 2010 Eagle Cap Extreme sled Dog Race will occur 13 - 16 Jan 2010 and we again wish to integrate Amateur Radio into our Communication network. The 2009 Race was our first year with Amateur radio and it started with interest from 4 operators that rose to a successful participation by 40+ operators. In addition the local Hams are in the process of creating a club and have recently acquired funding and equipment to establish an ARES organization. We wish to build on those successes and would appreciate our "Call for Operators" to be listed in your event section.
Each of our operators appreciated the opportunity to sharpen their skills and work an event during the winter. We provided a Volunteer patch, letter of appreciation along with completing the FSD 157 form acknowledging their participation.

I would like to extend the opportunity to Amateurs in your area to participate in our 2010 event.

A further communication was received - see below:

We have a process that matches Volunteers with Host homes. The host can be a Bed & Breakfast, Lodge or private home.
The Volunteer requesting accommodations emails our Hospitality Coordinator, completes a form then matches occur. The Volunteer and Host Home speak to each other and work out the arrangements. The cost to the Volunteer can range from $0.00 to $40.00. It all depends on how early the Volunteer applies, number of individuals requiring accommodations and the accommodations themselves.
These are ballpark statements to provide an idea. The only way to determine actual costs is to complete the Volunteer application, our Request for Accommodations and see what matches your needs. Direct email to our Hospitality Coordinator is ssc@eaglecapextreme.com
What else can I help with..I can call you this afternoon/evening to discuss further if you wish to supply me a number.
Mush On... Clyde

 Calling all Operators…..  Calling all Operators....


The Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race would like to invite Amateur Radio Operators to join us for the 13–16 Jan., 2010 Sled Dog Race.

During January, Volunteers and spectators gather in Joseph, Enterprise and Halfway Oregon to support the running of the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race. This Race brings Mushers and their Teams from across the country to run through the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, which contains the Eagle Cap Wilderness, for both a 100 and 200 mile event. The Race is a Qualifier for the legendary Races in Alaska and Canada, the Iditarod and Yukon Quest respectively.

For safety and logistic support, Checkpoints are established across the Trail with the 2010 proposed Checkpoints being Salt Creek Summit, Ollokot Campground, Fish Lake, Trinity, Cornucopia and Halfway. Headquarters for the Race are located in Joseph at two diverse locations. These Checkpoints will be staffed with Volunteers to provide Shelter, Food, Veterinarian care, Logistic support, snow-machiner transportation and of course a multi-layered Communications Network. Again this year the Checkpoint Communication modes available will be Land-line, Internet, Satellite Tracking devices (SPOT), Satellite Phone and Ham Radio at Checkpoints. We are excited to invite Amateur Radio Operators back to the event. We utilized over 40 amateurs in the 2009 race Comms in our VHF/UHF network. This was accomplished with the support of the Central Idaho Amateur Club personnel and repeater. Since the 2009 event, Scott Hampton KB7DZR, has built and installed a local VHF repeater that will have another layer of reliability to our network.

This year, we are inviting interested Amateur Radio Operators to exercise their Net skills in an exciting winter community service setting. The Communications Volunteer will be vital to passing 3rd party traffic as well as providing support of critical situations and SAR efforts. Law Enforcement from Wallowa and Baker County, SAR Teams and US Forest Service personnel regularly participate as Volunteers and in a professional role during the Race. The Communication Volunteers are vital to providing real time information and coordination for general messaging, Logistics and in support of critical situations through various and appropriate Communication modes.

This is a family event with activities for all ages and skill levels.

To learn more..please email me for a detailed job description and Volunteer application

Please stop by our web site www.eaglecapextreme.com supplied by EONI.com to learn more.

Depending on the level of Amateur Radio Operator participation, we may establish a Special Events Station to operate during the Race. These are exciting times for us and invite join us to exercise your skills in a challenging environment to a non-profit event, Eagle Cap Extreme!!

73s          KL0CW         


Clyde Raymer, Jr. 




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