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I'm in the process of bringing up an Echolink node at my home QTH.  Currently it is Echolink Node VE7MEC-R. 

January 1, 2009 - Well the best laid plans...  Brought up the new kit - did some testing, and the Yaesu 8900 appears to disable the data port when you cross band.  So - no connection to Echolink when you cross band.  This doesn't work!  Back to the drawing board.  Charlie is back from the interior in a day or two, so I'll leave the link up on the Langley repeater most of the time, and we'll look for a plan C.

December 31, 2008 - My original plan was to use the Kenwood TM-D710A.  We originally configured it at Charlie's Residence (VE7MEC).  It only took us a few minutes to figure it out and get it hooked up.  Worked very well.  One problem - I wanted to be able to cross band at the same time that I was connected to Echolink.  Don't think it could be done with that machine - as it won't go into Sysop Mode and Cross Band at the same time.

I took the equipment back to my place - and got around to playing with it yesterday (December 30th).  I had a quad band Yaesu 8900R.  The tri-band antenna is up a tree, in a bracket, at about 60 feet AGL.  I had a bit of a challenging day getting the Signalink Model SL-1+ configured.  I'd like to blame it on the wicked cold that I have - but maybe it was just me in holiday mode.  Got it working late last night.

Down here this a.m. and put everything back together again - tightened up everything and labeled it correctly.  It stopped working!  Take it apart, double check everything and sure enough, when I reassembled the SL-1+ I had pulled out a jumper.  Back working in simplex mode today - 446.100 tone of 100.

The intent is to hook it to one of our local club repeaters on 147.38 - Langley Amateur Radio Association (LARA).  I will then cross band it on 446.100  The area that I live in has very poor coverage by Handy Talky into any of our club repeaters.  There are a number of Hams in the area, and we felt it would be nice to be able to get into the repeater on our Handy Talky's while in the area.  We will know in a couple of days how well this is going to work.

Below I have documented the setup.

Here is the wiring diagram from


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