Derby Reach



Early March 2013 - click on thumbnails for bigger picture


Late September 2012 - Derby reach - some more pictures

6 a.m. - on the Iphone as I headed to breakfast - that is a fall harvest moon

Sunset - looking West - giant log washed down the river in the Spring Freshet

Working river...

September 2012 - Down at Derby for a week - camping - well RV'ing.

July 2012 - Annual Freshet - Spring flooding - Derby Reach under water.  These are thumbnails - so you can click on them for bigger pictures

100906 - Spent a few days down at Derby Reach - camping with my buddy Chris.  He has a 26 foot trailer which we used.  Chris had this very cool cooking platform that he had built for him.  Here are some pictures

Key design features - raised lip around expanded stainless steel.  Platform would raise and lower and swivel 360 degrees.  Four foot steel pipe, driven in with a cap that covered the top of the pole.

I cooked up a big chunk of prime rib roast over an open fire for a few people - Chris, Michele (princess of the Pallet factory), Doug and Janet, Judy, and Rene.

Above - Sunset on the river - sitting by the fire by myself, enjoying the view, the fish boats, the tugboats and the trains.


100708 - Just a few kilometers from our house is a Regional Park, administered now by the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  This is a multi-use park, with walking trails, off leash area, day use picnic tables and one large day use cooking shelter.  There is also a series of un-serviced camp sites, right along the mighty Fraser River.  Each has a concrete exposed aggregate picnic table, a fire pit, and a gravelled parking spot.  There are 38 spots.

In July and August, it can be really busy down there; but the rest of the year, I am often the only person down there, or will see only the occasional jogger or walker.  It is really close, only a few minutes drive from my house.  It is gated from 10:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m.  It sits right on the Fraser river, and it is quite picturesque.  More importantly, it is electrically very quiet and is a nice spot to work a little HF Radio.

Here are some pictures of the area.  Each picture is a 'thumbnail' so clicking on it will bring up the full size picture:


Driving down 208th Avenue - huge Cranberry fields to the right.  We are inside the dykes - so this is considered flood plain

The public use area - and a little history of the mighty Fraser River

From the public area, looking North

Looking East - you can see the registration trailer and the start of the campsites

You can see the North side of the river, and the heavy train tracks running along the river

This is one of the campsites that I usually try to snag to run radio.  In flood, the Fraser river has buried these sites for weeks

Looking East - North - the river is down quite a ways, and is still capable of ocean going traffic in this part of the river

Looking North

And North - West

The ah - amenities

Looking East down the road

Looking South from the registration trailer, towards the entrance to the park

Looking West to the day use area


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