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130414 - We were back at the project today - working a bit of DX and doing some things around the project.
Jeff did a major rewire of the Coax Transfer room - cleaned up all of the patch cables at his station, and fixed up
the cables into the electrical room.  Lots of soldering and good results.

We put in the stainless steel counter tops - not quite as level as Ben would have - but we got them in.  We also
moved the SS BBQ over, and it got broken in tonight.  Thanks for the burgers Ben - they were awesome.  Paul
VE7PCA dropped by for a bit - and Mike - VE7ACN was there for the afternoon and into the evening.  Mike had
quite the pileup going - mostly in Russian - he was pulling Russian speaking hams out of every corner of the
world - I think he was having a great time.

Ben and Paul also worked on 'straightening' one of the telephone poles - see the pictures below.


130412 - Ben took a run at getting the BBQ patio installed.  Jeff started the work a couple of weeks ago.
Ben installed the concrete 2 foot by 2 foot square blocks on a dark and stormy Friday night.  Thanks guys.
We'll be adding Stainless Steel counters and moving the BBQ to this area.  Nice job.

130303 - A few of us got together today - on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day - Sunday
First weekend in March - and it was a spectacular day.  We put in a concrete base last weekend, and Ben
did up the brackets before hand.  We got together, and in a relatively short time, stood up a 75 foot crank
up tower.  Here are some pictures.

130106 - We had a bit of a work party at the Project yesterday.  Jeff was down there early and had the
coffee on when I got there there around 8:30.  Mike Z., freshly back from Russia and time warped showed
next.  Charlie dropped by, and so did Ben, and then Al.  The team got the 40 meter dipole fixed - although
the 20 meter dipole still needs some work. 

We built and installed a 160 meter dipole at about 50 feet.  Could be higher - but it is better then nothing.
We did a survey of the site again - as we are planning on putting up a 80 foot rotating tower, a 60 foot
crank-up tower, and a full satellite / International Space Station 2 meter/ 440 mhz system.  We have a
lot more antennas to install as well.

Ben, Jeff and Bill checked in on the Public Service net, and we left Jeff to play radio about 6:00 p.m.  Emails
and a conversation with Jeff on his way home confirmed that the 40 meter and the 160 meter dipole were
both playing well.  Jeff made some more changes to the Coax transfer room, and cleaned up the place.

Thanks all - the project continues to improve and get better.  There will likely be one more work party
before the BC QSO party - last minutes changes, testing, finish getting the N1MM logging program working
perfectly.  Great job guys.

120514 - The third C Can - Summary of where the project is today.  We have two forty foot shipping containers that
are welded together, opened up inside, and finished with 2x4's, 1/2 inch plywood and Roxul wool insulation.  There is an
eight by eight foot porch, on the East side, with a workstation there, and a set of jumpers to move the station outside onto the

There is a six by eight foot washroom/coax transfer room (with a composting toilet).  There is also an eight by eight foot power room,
which will eventually become a 'rest room' once we stop storing tools there.  We just added a 34 foot shipping container for storage.

There is a kitchen - eight x twelve foot at the West end of the C cans, which is now about 90% built. 
The rest of the space is operating space - three workstations, a sitting area with a gas airtight heater and a work bench area. 
The floor has been insulated in the coax transfer and power rooms.  The rest of the floors are now in - 1 inch high density
insulation, and either laminate flooring or linoleum over 1/2 plywood and insulation.

We ran over 5,000 feet of core line (a strong plastic pipe) between the workstations and the coax transfer room, the
power room and as many other places as we could imagine we would need to run future cables.  We have miles of 120
 and 220 volt wiring home run back to the power room.  There are both 12 and 24 volt drops at each workstation. 
There are several battery banks.  1000 amp hours at 24 volts supporting a Xantrex Pro-Sine 3KW inverter/charger (this
provides pure sine wave, lab quality power to anything that needs 120 volt).  There is 900 amp hours of 12 volt liquid
ni-cad batteries, and 2 x 160 amp hours of 12 volt Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

There is a 2.5KW propane generator - used to recharge the batteries.  This whole environment is off of the grid - not
connected to mains power.  Futures include solar and maybe, wind turbines. 

Bill's workstation is a Flex 5000A software defined radio, with a SPE Expert 1.2KW solid state amplifier.  Jeff's
workstation is composed of a number of Icom radios.  Visitors can either use our equipment, or bring their own.

Antennas - we continue working on this.  We currently have  an A4S up about 32 feet (40 - 20 - 15 - 10 Meters). 
Above it is a 6 meter monobander.  We have three sixty foot telephone poles up in the field - about 55 metes apart. 
We have an eighty, forty and 20 meter dipole at 52 feet.  There is a multi-band dipole 40-20-15-10 meters.  We have a
small 32 foot tower  put up, and we added a 15 and a 10 meter monoband yagi.  

In addition, we have a monster 20 meter monoband yagi - with a 40 foot boom, installed.  We have two other Heavy Duty 48 foot towers
ready to be installed, when the weather gets better and the field dries out, I have the money and my buddies have the time.   
An A4S with the 40 meter option was also purchased and is now installed.  We also have a 60 foot crank up tower,
a 60 light duty tower and a sixty foot crank up ready to be installed.

There is a 10 meter and a 15 meter mono-band yagis installed.  We recently put up a 160 meter dipole.

The compound is fenced, and the base is dry and solid.  There is a locked gate at the edge of the compound.  There are
a lot of locks on the C cans, with electronic security.  Futures include video cameras (remote controlled) and remote
operation of the station.

120722 - There have been a lot of little things going on in the background, that start to add up to some great happenings.
These would include fixing the 80 meter dipole, general cleanup around the project and prepping for some new batteries.
Here are two pictures that show some new batteries that will be donated to the project.  They are liquid Ni-cads - 192
of them - yes - that isn't a typo.  Each cell is 1.2 volts.  Ni-cd type sbh59-2  H 13.8 W 7.68 L 5.95   I believe they are 59
amp hours per battery.  If I have done my math correctly, that works out to about 1100 amp hours at 12 volts.

120514 - Big work party again this Saturday.  The big 20 Meter Mono Band Yagi was hoisted in the air.  We pulled
through 210 feet of control cables, hard line, thin line heliax, LMR 600, LMR 400 and what have you.  We used a Tug
Em machine - made easy work of it.

Long, long day - great friends, a few visitors and an awesome weekend to work outside.  Thanks all.  More pictures to come.

Here are some pictures.  They are thumbnails - so you can click on them for some high resolution pictures.


120428 - Big work party on Saturday - got started early, and things were looking to track to near end of day.  We
went long. We took down the A3S - it was having some challenges.  We changed the top mast that the six meter antenna
was on, to an aluminum mast, put the six meter antenna back up and added a 2 meter / 440 vertical antenna.  We got
the A4S antenna up late on Saturday.

In addition - we prepared the Southwest telephone pole - we have pole pegs to the top, we got the rotator base and
rotator installed. The top bearing was installed, as was the mast.  We are a very short amount of effort away from
having the 20 metermono-bander being ready to put up.  Awesome effort guys - here are some pictures.

Jeff and Ben - removing the A3S and changing the mast to aluminum

A team member up the pole - 53 feet above ground level - getting ready for the mono-bander

Antennas - antennas - antennas

Gary - figuring out the A4S!

Bill has taken some ribbing about how 'vertical' the poles were - well I guess this proves it
- the 'thumb vertical' wasn't so vertical!

120331 - We had a work party at the project on Saturday.  Wild, wet weather and wind!  We did get a lot done, and I don't
have pictures of it all.  Here are some pictures of the deck - in but not finished yet.  Thanks Mike, Jeff, Al, and Gary.  And we
managed to work a bit of DX as well.  Mike (Mikhail) actually got to talk to someone from his club in Russia - big smile on
everyone's face!

120318 - We had a work party at the project yesterday.  Huge effort by Al, Jeff, and Ben.  A lot of stuff have been cleaned out of the
and placed in the new storage C Can.  What a difference.  Some more trenching was done, to improve the water table at the
Project.  Three more railroad ties were placed, in preparation for building a deck on the East side of the C Cans.  Here are
inside and outside pictures.

Antenna rotators between Bill and Jeff's station

Bill's workstation above

Front Porch - were did all that stuff go to?


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