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120128 - Some more deer at the project

110418 - At the project today - there were a few deer playing around by the gate - here are some pictures

From Ben VA7BKL


So the first night down at the farm the camera didn't get a thing, no fresh tracks either so I don't think it missed anything. I was disappointed, so I set up the camera in a different location on Sunday.

Sunday evening I drove back at about 9 p.m. to check on the camera and to decide whether or not to leave it over night. As I pulled up to the gate I saw 2 does in the field. When I drove into the compound I noticed 3 more for a total of 5 does. With about 500 watts of light shining on them, they looked up at me then continued to eat, the light didn't seem to bother them. They are city deer after all. I checked the trail camera and no pictures and no foot prints, so I started to look for prints to see where they entered the field thinking the camera is too good to have missed them. I found a second spot where the deer are crossing the fence about 20 ft north of the other crossing, so I decided to move the camera to watch the second crossing and leave the camera for one more night hoping it would catch something. The deer watched me move the camera to within about 10 ft of the new crossing I had found, so I was taking a chance (fingers crossed) that they would cross again at the same spot they did earlier so the camera would catch them. 

Here is what the camera got.


Me leaving in the Jeep


The infrared filter is on here cause it wasn't quite bright enough, 5:48 am on a rainy day. I see the time is 12 hour off...oops 

See the other deer at the far left, at the end of the fence?



Black tail or mule?




ts very wet down there, gotta watch where you step if you want to keep your socks dry.