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  Below are Thumbnails of my log - not cleaned up yet.  Click on then and they will download the full version.  The back button on your browser will take you back.

Sunday, October 12, 2008 - 353 stations worked today - for a total of 4201 stations over the 8 days.  I'll go back and verify my math, but that is my running total.


Saturday October 11, 2008 -561 Stations worked today - most of them the 'hard way'.  For a total of 3848 stations.  Again - wow - thanks all for your patience, understanding and persistence.  Last day is tomorrow - again, many thanks to all of you that made the effort to participate, and worked through the pileups to get in the log - it is very much appreciated.  Good DX.


Friday October 10, 2008 - 383 Stations worked today - for a total of 3285ish.



Thursday October 9, 2008 - Worked 330 stations today - for a total of 2901contacts.  Got up early, and went for a walk on the Caribbean side of the peninsula.   I'll push up some pictures a little later.  Radio was a little slow, so went into town for lunch.  Walked for Kilometers around the village of Placencia - got lots of pictures, I'll push them up tonight as well - if I get time.

Wednesday October 8, 20:00 - Well the plan was to work Europe early today, and then move into North America and then Asia.  Early today, the bands were poor - worked a couple of stations, talked to some guys in North America, and then headed into town for lunch.  Came back after lunch and the bands started to open up.  Worked 397 stations today - for a total of 2571 contacts.  Later in the day worked some huge pileups into North America.  North, Central and South American stations are such pro's when it comes to working pileups - they play 'nice' and it is amazing how many stations that you can work when other Hams work with you.  Thank you.  This has been an absolutely amazing experience - and to think this is just a hobby to most of us.

Here are today's logs:

Tuesday October 7, 19:35 - Just finished up for the day.  Started reasonably early into Europe, then another big storm blew in.  I erred on the side of caution, shut down, and went into town for breakfast.  Turned out it was all nasty black clouds and a ton of rain.  There was so much noise from the rain it was difficult to hear the radio.  In addition, I think the Quad antenna is really noisy in the rain.  Huge pileups into Europe - had to end up going through the numbers, anyone with a zero in their call, anyone with a 1, etc.  Really slowed things down - but a great bunch of operators - we still did a good group of stations.

I tried to do Mobile, Portable and QRP stations as I thought of it , or right after the zeros.  Still only working 20 meters - I need to look at 15 as well.  Also - took a short break to shake out the kinks - but I also have to get some sunshine before I finish up here

We had 1590 contacts as of last night.  I did 583 contacts today (mostly the hard way), and we have a total of 2173 contacts.  Thanks all that helped on working me - I know some of the pileups were absolutely brutal.  I'm trying to be as fair as possible, and work as many of you as I can.





Monday October 6, 20:20 Local time - Another big day - got an hour on the beach.  Need to get up earlier and work more European stations. 1588 contracts totals.  511 stations today.  I'm going to have to break these logs up - even as thumbnails they are getting too big.



Sunday October 5, 20:00 p.m. Local time - wow - pile up, after pile up, after pile up - wow!

180 Contacts this morning before Breakfast - huge into Europe.

576 Contacts this afternoon - evening

Total of 756 Contacts today

Total of 420 Contacts yesterday

Total of 1076 Contacts this weekend


Sunday October 5, Morning Belize time - 180 Contacts - huge pileups into Europe


Saturday October 4, Morning Belize time - 232 Contacts


Saturday October 4, Afternoon Belize time - 80 Contacts - including buddies in BC











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