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Welcome to my Web site!

This Web Site is intended to document one of my favourite hobbies - Ham (Amateur) Radio.  I did my best to document my first mini DX-pedition.  I understand that many Hams can't do what I did, for physical, professional, personal or monetary reasons.  Share my experiences with me - and enjoy what the hobby can give us all.  Check out Belize.

I used to mostly operate HF (High Frequency) Amateur Radio mobile, from my Jeep (Yaesu 857D, Hi-Q 5/80 or ATAS 120A for an antenna). I also have VHF/UHF in my car, with the ability to run HF if I want (Yaesu 857D and ATAS 120A, Yaesu 8900).  Much to my daughter's chagrin, I also can run VHF/UHF and HF from my wife's van.  I have a home station, but it is pretty modest.  I have VHF/UHF capabilities, as well as HF (Yaesu 897D).  I have a 7 band OCF dipole up about 55 feet.  It isn't pretty but it works.  I have multiple dual and tri-band base antennas for use on VHF and UHF.

Over the last year plus, I have been building out the 'Project' - and it is turning into an awesome place to work radio.  It is on the back of a 75 acre farm, in southern Langley.  It is completely off of the power grid.  Check it out here.

My first mini-DXpedition was a visit to Belize, to a 'more than reasonable' station,' was a huge opportunity that I would like to share.  I worked as many stations as I reasonably could, to a maximum of about eight hours a day.  Those operators in British Columbia, as well as QRP and mobiles, got some extra opportunities as well.  I had worked this physical station in the past, from my mobile.  I have a QSL card, scanned in and put in this web site.  In the 2006 WW SSB contest, I worked V31BH on 20 meters.  The man did an incredible 8000 plus contacts over a week.  I was happy to do a fraction of that, at 4200 contacts.

My first, of what I hope will be many, Amateur Radio adventures was in Belize - the old British Honduras.  Many, many years ago I flew through Belize on the way to Honduras - never even got off the plane.  This was my return.  I documented it as well as I could - please share in my experiences, and enjoy the journal, the radio experience and those that I was able to talk to.

I am going to do more of these - life is too short not to.  This little adventure, by myself, was my entry back into finding a more reasonable, and workable, work-life balance. Please share it with me.  If you have ideas where else I can go, let me know.  Warm, close to a beach, gets major marks.

Please share my experience.

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