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June 19, 2013 - TEAM JR won the overall High Score - plaque below


Heinz's pictures - uploaded on February 24, 2013 further below - scroll down

February 3, 2013 - Day after the contest.  What an awesome time.  Ten operators - VE7XS, VE7JR, VE7TDI, VE7EEX, VE7ACN, VA7BKL, VE7RM, VE7AS, VA7AQ, VE7DPE - Bill, Jeff, John, John, Mike, Ben, Charlie, Gary, Heinz and Dave.  
We also had guest appearances from Jim, Al, Judy, Meaghan, Donna, Bill and Joan.


        Band    QSOs    Pts  Mul   Mt2
         1.8      11          22     7    1
         3.5      40          74    29    2
           7     110        218    36    1
          14     445       890     63    1
          21     127       254    42    1
          28      54       106     22    1
       Total     787    1564    199    7

Meaghan took a wack of pictures and some video - and will be putting together a YouTube video.  I'll post a link
when it is done.  These are my IPhone pictures below - not the greatest quality - more pictures to come

Below - Ben VA7BKL - Operating Jeff's station

Below - John VE7TDI, and Heinz VA7AQ - working together - racking and stacking some QSO's

Below Gary - VE7AS - working 160 meters - The Gentleman's Band - he managed 11 contacts on it - caught him having a little power nap while waiting for the band to open up

February 24, 2013 - Some pictures from Heinz of the day below.  All are thumbnails - click on them for the bigger

Some pictures taken outside of the project - looking East - zero dark thirty - we were there early, finalizing the
setup for the contest.



Traffic Jam at the Project


February 1, 2013 - Huge amount of effort getting prepped for this contest.  Several of us are getting together this evening
Friday night before the contest, to try and finalize our preparations.  I'll try and update this throughout the contest.

Below is the latest communication sent out by Bill on this contest.

BC QSO Party Coming up  Three more sleeps!

Multi-operator, Multi-station, High power  SSB
	Operating as VE7JR

Station 1
Bill's Flex station
Up to 1.2 Kw - access to all non-warc bandpass filters attached to his station (pls note - for 80 and 160 meters - only this station has band 
pass filters if they are needed)
Will be run off of a separate circuit from the Diesel Bus generator
Flex will run off of the 12 volt battery bank

Station 2
Jeff's Icom station
Is usually welded on 15 meters
Will run off of the Pro-Sine and Diesel Bus generator circuit

Station 3 
John's Kenwood 
100 watts 
Will run off of the 12 volt batteries

Station 4 - Electrical Room
Heinz's Kenwood 
100 watts
Will run off of the 12 volt batteries

Station 5 - Optional - Patio (would have to put heat on to make it useable)
Bill's Yaesu 897D
100 watts
Al's auto-tuner
Will run off of the 12 volt batteries

We will have networked computers for all workstations - N1MM
Some stations will have to manually track band changes - and manually swap band pass filters
Still a little bit of work to be done on the networked N1MM  well try and get this out of the way on Friday 

Manually swappable band pass filters available for Station 2, 3, 4 & 5:
* 10 Meters
* 15 Meters
* 20 Meters
* 40 Meters

Strategy - we want to be loud and proud - we also want to be on as many bands as we can, as often and as long as we can.

If we need high power - if 15 meter, it goes to Station 2, all others it goes to Station 1

I will do some experiments with 160 and 80 meters and see if we get interference without band pass filters for those two frequencies  
if we do  then it will have to run off of Station 1

For antennas:
10 meter mono-bander beam
15 meter mono-bander beam
20 meter mono-bander beam

A4S - 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter beam

160 meter dipole
80 meter dipole
40 meter dipole

Butternut Vertical - all six HF bands and then some  Dont count on this being ready for this weekend.

For Operators:
Mike Z.
Dave E.
John McKay
John Mercer
*** Did I miss anyone? ***

Please bring your own headset if you have one - I'll try and remember to bring my spare listen only headsets back to the Project.

This is a 12 hour contest - starts at 8:00 a.m. Saturday Feb 2nd.  Some people can't be there for the whole day - or can't show up until 
later in the day.  Jeff has arranged to be here Friday night as well.  I am going to be down there for a few hours on Friday afternoon / evening.  
Gary was considering it as well.

We will need to manage our manpower - bring people in and out, so we all get a shot to operate - and operate on as busy a band as 
we are comfortable operating on.  We need to be on even the non-productive bands (i.e. 160 meters - we need the multipliers - 
we can't work them if we aren't listening or calling).  We all take turns on the lower production bands.


We need breakfast, lunch and a dinner.

Breakfast - I'll do up a Wife Saver breakfast x 2 (will ask Judy to assist)
Lunch - Chilli - let me redeem myself - crock pot chilli and buns (will ask Judy to bring it down before lunch)
Dinner - BBQ - Might ask for everyone to kick in $10 dollars - Steak, salad, potatoes, beans, etc.?

Munchies - everyone brings their own to share - healthy or not - your call (Gary  I still cant find Twinkies  you are on your own)

Lots of coffee & tea (bring your own milk or cream if you don't like the powdered stuff).  If you want pop, or anything else to drink - bring it 
and I'll make sure we have a cooler with ice to put it in.

I have asked Meaghan  our budding film-photographer to come down and shoot some pics/video.  She will then turn it into a 
You-tube video  bring a tape recorder to get some unique contacts or whatever to incorporate.  Do I need to get you guys to sign 
waivers?  Hmmm not sure!

This email will evolve over the week - so I'm looking for your feedback.  

Im getting excited!

604 328 0111 Mobile