2010 Olympics



100414 - We are working on the QSL cards - check out www.voarg.ca - will keep you informed as we work on the cards and getting them sent out

090929 - Update on the 2010 Olympics.  A small group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts, called the Vancouver Olympics Amateur Radio Group (VOARG) worked with VANOC (Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee) for several months last year.  Although VANOC was interested in what we were doing, they couldn't figure out how to incorporate us into their plans.  They did however give us their blessing and wish us the best of luck going it alone.

So - we have obtained three Special Event Call Signs to use for the months leading up to the Olympics, and through both Olympics.  They are as follows:

    Ralph Webb VE7OM is the trustee of VG7V for the two month period Oct. 1 through November 30, 2009

    Ralph Webb VE7OM is also the trustee of  VG7W for the two month period Dec. 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010

    Bill Gipps VE7XS is the trustee of VG7G for the two month period Feb. 1 through March 31, 2010

These call signs will be used by registered stations at assigned times.  Further details on how to register and use these assigned times will be forthcoming.  This will be open to licensed Amateur Radio operators in British Columbia only.  A web site is being created for individuals to register and book slots - Date, time period, band, and mode will be requested.  These individuals will upload their logs to a central repository.  Logs will be uploaded frequently to LOTW.  However, no QSL cards will be issued until after the Olympics have concluded.  This decision is being reviewed, as there is a question about responding to QSL cards received with two green stamps and a pre-addressed envelope. 

This project has received no funding from VANOC, or any level of government.  Too date, all of the effort and costs have been picked up by a few volunteers out of their personal pockets.  Further details will be provided in the very near future. 

090216 - Standby for more info


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