130817 - We had a small work party at the Project today.  Jeff was there first, followed by Al.  Bill was next,
followed by John M.  Jeff had the coffee on, and we mucked into it pretty quick. Sandro showed up later in the a.m.

Judy was a big help with prepping the food for today - Al and Rene both brought smoked salmon, which was
awesome.  Bill and Judy did up a BBQ Baron of Beef, a Red Wine Sauce, Greek Potatoes, and Tennessee Bourbon
Baked Beans.  There weren't a lot of leftovers.

Doug and Janet dropped by as well.  It wasn't a great day, but it didn't rain, and there was some great company,
decent food, and an ounce or two of soda.

Here are the pictures I have - below.  We got the MA5B up on the 75 foot crankup and fixed the cable on the
2 Meter, 440 vertical - on top of the MA5B.  We primarily wanted this Yagi for 17 meters - as that is missing
from our arsenal.  First call - Finland - 500 watts - awesome.