111227 -  

Jeff's workstation - couple of pictures post RigRunner and Anderson PowerPoles

And then Bill's workstation - needs some TLC and a cleanup

Here is Ben - I told him when I took the picture that it would look like he was standing on the bridge of a ship in the North Atlantic - wasn't far out!

The picture above was taken one very cold, clear morning.  I noticed that the cob webs had frozen, and I got a picture as the sun hit them.  Camera phone picture - so not very good...

111120 -


110921 - Finally got the Shaw High Speed Extreme installed at one of the Farmer's shop.  The tech pulled the cable into the otter box, and we did a temporary install in the otter box.  I reconfigured the router, to be the same as the test router we used on Saturday.  Plugged it all in, tested it in the driveway, and then at the road entrance to the driveway - not a lot of signal strength, but full download - did a test in the driveway, and at the road, and it was smoking!

Went to the Project, and turned up the radio wireless modem there.  Turned on my workstation, and did an Ipconfig/renew - and bang, my workstation was on the Internet.  Ran the download test, and we tested, from the Project, higher then promised for the package we have.  Awesome!

When I conceived of Internet at the project, I thought I would be 'borrowing' bandwidth from someone else, and that would have required a router.  Now that we have a router at the shop, adding another one isn't such a good idea.  I think we are going to need to pick up a wireless bridge, and I think we are going to have to wire it in the middle of the cans - not in the coax transfer room.

We are targeting Oct 1st for the next work party - we want to get that 20 meter monster mono-band yagi up.  It will be a lot of work.  The Herefords were let back into the field today - more green 'land mines' coming up!

110917 - Long day at the project today.  Weather started out very miserable, and then got much better.  We were working on getting the 5 band Cushcraft yagi up - relocate the cable to an overhead carry line, and start building out the coax cable and hard line to go to the South West telephone pole.   In addition, we wanted to get the Internet installed.  It was a very busy day, and we all hurt!  Al got the 3 way fridge plumbed in and checked out on propane - we're ready to do the 120 volts and 12 volt DC and then we have a fridge at the project - whoo hooo!

Here are some pictures of the day.

Jeff 'kitting' up for working on the tower - safety first always

Jay high temp silicone around the metal box that contains the 3 way fridge

Gary getting started on the LMR600

Heat shrink tape - a dollar an inch - and worth every penny


Jeff - hanging around - while we get things ready on the ground

Dave - working on the 'box' that will contain the Internet 'connectivity' stuff from the farm house

Heinz and Gary - that Heat Shrink was wicked stuff to work with

The first of many times this antenna went up - some challenges today with the 5 band Cushcraft

And the darn antenna down for some more checking


Jay and Jeff - cutting over the coax and control cables to the overhead carry line

This is a massive amount of cable - individual runs of LMR 400, LMR 600 and hard line - a lot of money ready to to into the conduit to the antennas

Jeff - are we done yet - long day for the guy up the tower - thanks Jeff

Dave and Al - down at the farm installing the Internet Link - an Otter box knock off contains all of our gear - power through the back of the box into the shop - battery, charger, control for the high speed link to the project, and next week - the wireless WAN router

Inside of the box - sans battery and WIFI - that is next week

Jeff - that is one massive amount of cable ready to go into the ground - and a lot of valuable cable!

110903 - We have been doing work down at the project - as well as playing radio.  We have been working on the three way fridge.  Ben was down there today, and he cut in the steel frame that is going to to up tight against the C cans - and seal the three way fridge so it doesn't leak any gasses into the C can.  I'm impressed - nice job Ben.

Ben - laying out the Air Vents for the 3 way fridge.

Here is 'insert' for the 3 way fridge.  Ben did an awesome job of cutting this in.  How does he do that (and the tradesmen don't have to answer that)!  The vents are going to be cut into this area - the holes are drilled so that Ben can see where the vents need to be cut in.

Once the vents are set in place, we will screw the 'box' in place, and then use high temperature silicone to seal it in place.

Cutting out the vents.