100120 - Lots happened today - not all of it good!

Trenching in the propane gas line - and on top of that, some drainage pipe, and lots of 3/4 inch drainage rock

3/4 inch drainage rock, and 3 inch minus


100119 - Here is a link to the pictures that were put in out of order in the last month.  The place is really coming together, but we have to work on radios and antennas now.  This weekend we are exercising the Olympic call sign.  I've got SSB HF, all bands except 17M.  So - the pressure is on.  Al is going to do the propane ditching tomorrow, and work on the propane heater.  I picked up the propane generator (an Onan 2.5 Kw) from my buddy Bill's - who checked it out for me.  This is going to go into one of the pods.  We are going to build the new Antenna tomorrow, and replace the A3S for now.  Stay tuned.

100116 - It has been a little over a month since the last update.  My laptop had a problem, and I just got it fixed.  I will try and bring things up to date.  I will start with the latest pictures, and when I have a bit of time, I will backfill where I can on the development.  Huge progress has been made. 

Tomorrow and Monday I plan on finishing off the painting of everything but the 'porch'.  We are just about finished caulking and filling nail holes.  Wiring is about 90% done.  The Xantrex Pro-Sine 3.0 has been installed, connected to almost 1000 amp hours of 24 volt AGM cell batteries. These are GNB batteries that were donated to the project.  They sat in a compound for a couple of years.  It took about 5 days of charging on the EU2000 generator before they were topped up.  We need to drag them down a few times, and then recharge them again.  We have some bigger generators coming on line soon.  This is an amazing piece of equipment.  It monitors the 'shore' power, and when it gets out of wack (i.e. too big a load on the generator), it brings on the inverter to take the load.  We have run an air compressor off of this beast, and it worked excellently.

The pods are on the roof - they are welded in there, and the liquid ni-cad batteries are installed and connected together.  We don't have them connected to the charger yet, but it isn't that far away.

We are looking at putting a Cushcraft AS3 with the 40 meter kit on the roof of the cans.  Ben tied in a rotator, and we have a 21 foot mast.  We made some good progress on assembling the antenna today, with Dave, the Big Easy, taking the lead.  He had to leave before it was done, and I had to take the 'boys' home at 1:30ish.  I'll be back there tomorrow to see if I can finish it.  Ben has the bearing for the top ready, so we will see if we can get it installed tomorrow.

The two rooms (Coax transfer station and the Electrical room), have an insulated floor, and a steel clad, dead bolt locking door.  The two main doors have an added 'puck' lock.  Most of the millwork has been done.

The batteries have been enclosed, and vented to the outside (through a pipe going through the floor).  Additional drawer storage has been installed, and the whole thing has been turned into a piece of furniture.  It can be used as a bench, a sofa, or a bed.  My workstation is in place.  Kathy's sofa is now in place.

We have had some more water challenges, and have undertaken some more ditching, which seems to have had a very positive impact.  We are pushing hard to get some additional antennas in the air.

I picked up an Onan 2.5 KW propane generator, which my buddy Bill R. checked out and pronounced extremely healthy.  This unit has less than 200 hours on it, so it is virtually brand new. 

Here are some pictures on where we are today, courtesy of Randy P.:

Done some more trenching - lots of water

500 gallon Propane Tank - scheduled to be plumbed in this week

Front Door

Back Door and Porch

Looking West - couch, furnace and kitchen in the background

Electrical room in the background - now a tool crib

Battery box - cover for the Pro-Sine 3.0

Bill's desk

First coat of stain

And going back in time - some pictures from recently