100119 - Yes the 19th - but all of the pictures below were taken between December 15 and January 17.  They might not be in exactly the right order - but I thought I should include them for continuity.


Mid - December 2009

Extra, future expansion in the ceiling bulkheads

Finally moving the liquid Ni-Cad batteries up to the roof.  This was a bit scary - extremely corrosive, and these were charged batteries, so a short would have potentially been catastropic!

Oh yes - in case you were wondering - very heavy too

VHF / UHF mast going up

Pro-Sine 3.0 24 Volt model installed

24 Volt wiring - big fuses 200 amp for the batteries GNB - sealed lead acid batteries 900 Amp hours at 24 volts - the red wires and breakers are for the 24 volt feeds to each of the main workstations

Another scary battery bank!

1 inch styrofoam and 1/2 inch MDO plywood to insulate the floor

Randy - my buddy across the street

Lots of water

Ditching down the West side of the road has made a big difference to how dry the pad is