091214 - Randy was at the project today, and Ben showed up a little past noon.  Ben worked on the roof of the C cans in absolutely freezing temperatures.  Ben moved the two 'pods' together, on the platform that he had built, and then welded them there.  I understand that Ben needs some time, in daylight, to finish welding them there, but they are secure for now.  Again - Ben did 95% of this work by himself, using levers, his jeep and it's winch, to move these 600 pound beasts around.  Thanks Ben.

Ben's wife and two young children showed up late in the day to check out the 'project'.  Glad you guys could make it.  We expect heavy weather tonight - 20 - 25 cm's of snow - doesn't seem like much, unless your townships don't have snow clearing equipment!

Randy worked on the inside - got the internal gutter system installed, insulated, sealed and vapour barriered, and started on the ceiling boxes (for future wiring and for any wiring we may have missed).

The propane heater was supposed to arrive today - maybe tomorrow.  I ordered a 500 gallon propane tank for the project.  Hydro wants $8K to bring in Hydro, and I just can't see doing that right now.  I will continue to look for a propane stove, oven, fridge, etc.  We will plumb in a propane BBQ, patio heater, etc as well.  We may need to look at a propane generator, or converting the one that we have.

Here are some pictures from today's activities:

With the exception of a small piece top right, this area has been painted with its final coat.  This is the 'front door'.  Kenny installed the door pull and the door lock.  The vertical lines will be covered soon - and then painted.  These are the liquid Ni-Cad batteries, which will be going on the roof in one of the pods shortly.  This area to the right will become the kitchenette.

Here you can see where the two C cans are pulled together.  We have put a piece of sewer pipe the length of the opening, and put drain pipes in either end.   This has now been sealed with foam, insulated, vapour barriered and closed in with 12.5 mm plywood.

Finish painting has been done on many of these walls - thanks to the Princess of Paint - Michelle.

These pictures are later in the day, after I had switched vehicles to the jeep.  Ben has moved the first pod (furthest away) into position and welded it there.  He is in the process of moving the second pod into position.  Remember that he did most of this himself - using levers, his winch and hard work

Above you can see the two pods are almost together.  In addition, you can see the 2x6 insulated wall, insulated door, keypad lock, etc.

The two pods almost together - these units are insulated - one will have wet cell batteries, and the other a generator

Above - the ends of the formally open areas - insulated, foamed, vapour barriered, etc.  It is coming together

And some more of the posts cleaned up and dressed up

The ceiling boxes started - they will be 7.5 inches square - for futures

If you look very carefully, you can see the two pods welded to the top of the right C can.  The snow had started - and it is going to be a nasty night

What isn't seen is the huge effort on the weekend - priming and painting most of the inside of the cans.  In addition, we have been working on sealing up the interior of the cans.  So far, 15 tubes of caulking - many more to go. 

Dave - the Big Easy, was down there on Sunday and pulled in the network cables, as well as the first VHF/UHF cable for the antenna.  The network cable for the roof was also pulled, for us to bring in Wifi.  Thanks to all - huge week on the project!