091120 - Here is where we are going into the weekend.

The two pods are going to be joined together - so we had to cut off the protruding pieces

That is Al inside one of the Can's - the first one caught fire - so Al was checking out the second one before moving forward

South Can - ceiling done in the main room - it is a mess - I'll get on that tomorrow

And the North can - ceiling up - in the main room - I've still got some work to do where some of the seams are - it is on my list

North can - ceiling done in the main area

Electrical room - ready to put up the plywood - currently on the schedule for Saturday a.m. early

Standing in the electrical room - looking due East - Ceiling done in the main area, and both walls almost done

Had to bring in another two loads of gravel today - there has been so much water that the road was going out on us - Al pushed it around raised the level significantly

091117 - I had a contractor in the 'Cans' today.  He worked on pulling some heavy duty wiring, as well as putting up some more 11 mm plywood.  In addition, we are tripping over ourselves in the environment - so Steve built some shelving and cleaned the place up a bit.  This will make us more productive moving forward.

When I drove down there I hit a pot hole just inside the gate.  Holy cow - I thought I had lost my car.  We have been concerned about the amount of water flowing down the hill - and we have done some work on redirecting it.  However, there is still too much water that is flowing down and hitting the road and the pad.  Part of the problem is that we have pipe running from the road down to the C Cans - and it has been so wet we haven't been able to fill it in.  I think this is raising the water table on the pad, and making it very soft.  I think the ground is getting super saturated.  We have had unbelievable rain - 100mm a day - the pineapple express has been doing its job.

Al dropped by late today and he put in the 'lazy 90's' at the top of the hill.  He dug out the bottom a bit - but we can't get into the pit to put the 90's on there until it gets drier.  The road is a real problem at this time - we'll see if the ditching helps.

This is the 'pothole' my car fell into today that was a real wakeup call.  This is going to be a challenge

We had to do some cleanup - and Steve built some shelves to get some of the tools off of the floor.  This will help as we try to get more organized, and proceed with the 11 mm plywood on the walls and ceiling.

091116 - Jeff met me at the site after work today.  Thanks for your patience Jeff - as I had to keep popping in and out for conference calls as I had a major 'change' happening with a client today - this evening.  Here are tonight's pictures, followed by Sunday's pictures.  We have gotten a lot of work done - it is coming along.

Jeff - VE7HPS - an electrician by trade, out looking at the mess I made with core-line!

Hmmm - there is a reason they call him Sparky!

In addition, Ben was over today.  He tack welded the seam down the center of the two C cans, and then sealed them up.  He also picked up the steel to span the C can roof so that we can mount the two pods.  Bill needs to remember to pick up some more Oxygen for the cutting torch.  We might get that done this week as well.  Oh yes, Al - despite your excellent work on the roof - we are still getting a spot of water!

091115 - Here are some pictures from Sunday - it wasn't all work though.  We did have a happy hour at the 'Field Office'

Ceiling in the South can partially done - small wall partially done

Kenny and Christian - These guys did some awesome work for me - then they cleaned up.  I was working another 'change' at work, so was out in my car on the phone and computer.  These guys did an outstanding job of cleaning and tidying up the trailer before our 'guests' arrived.  Kenny is installing the CO2 monitor.  We now have a kerosene heater in the cans, and with the insulation that we have in there, the place is getting quite nicely warm.  In fact, when we are working, we often have to turn off the heater as it gets too warm in there.

We have a lot of core-line installed - thousands and thousands of feet.  This is going to serve us in good stead moving forward.  Here you can see the coax transfer station

This is standing at the East side of the South can - looking West.

Judy, Al and Doug - Janet had to leave to go to work - the 'shack' didn't have a corkscrew, so we had to use a green decking screw, a screw-gun, and a pair of pliers - who says we don't have any class?

And the other Doug, Judy, Al, and I cut Doug off!  Judy dropped by with some appies, wine, beer and we 'broke in' the shack. 

091114 - Forgot to take pictures today - long day down there.  Almost completely insulated and vapour barriered, and we got the first five sheets of 11mm MDO up on the ceiling.  The place is actually starting to get warmer!  Here are some pictures from yesterday:

091113 - I had three contractors down there today.  And, I forgot the camera at the site.  Almost the entire two C cans are insulated, and about 80% vapour barriered.  They also cleaned up a lot - so overall a great day.

Tomorrow - I am looking at getting another contractor in there to finish the vapour barrier, clean up some more, and seal up the base of the vapour barrier.  I will be picking up some sheets of 1/2 inch plywood tomorrow.  It is a special type of plywood, with a resin finish on one side.

Here is some advertising on it:

Overlaid Plywood
MDO Medium Density Overlaid

MDO Plywood - The Paintable General Purpose Panel

Characteristics: An EXTERIOR type plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. This process fuses the molecules of the overlay with the fibres of the wood to form a bond as strong as the wood itself. MDO has all the advantages of regular plywood as well as additional properties. The overlay, which has 28% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and degradation. It has texture that paint can grip with remarkable tenacity. Paint finishes on MDO are up to three times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood. Ideal for Painted Signs: In many instances, overlaid MDO plywood has proven a more durable sign material than metal. MDO plywood is resistant to the elements with no danger of rust or corrosion.