091026 - Had to be down there this a.m. to open the gate for the Excavator guy - another day of an excavator for most of the day.  Ben was there a good chunk of the afternoon.  All of the four inch sewer pipe was buried today - about 1200 feet of it.  The Excavator will be back tomorrow - he will put in the grey water pipe, work on the swale (we really need to get the water moving around the pad) and another two dump truck loads of 3- gravel

091025 - Awesome weekend - huge progress.  Some of these pictures were from previous days - but here they are, and here is where we ended up!

Chris cutting out the posts and the steel

Opening cut for the coax transfer - tying the coax from one C can to the other via coreline

Al - drilling five inch holes through the floor to bring in the coax via the lazy 90's

Chris filling in the foam - there was a hole cut for the coreline to bring 120 V, 220 V, and DC power between the two C cans


The 1/2 inch square mesh - for rodent control - then foam for insulation and water-proofing

This will be cleaned up after it dries - then framed in

Four pipes for the coax - then added one for the grey water

After the C cans had been cleaned up a bit, you can see the posts are now three 2x4s wide.  We have put in the headers so that they are level, they can now just be insulated and trimmed out with plywood.  The end office is framed in, as well as the washroom, coax transfer station

Al cleaning up - the pipe is started - I have the bigger excavator guy coming tomorrow to take the pipe out to the hydro poles and the towers.  The clay was brutal - you step in it, stand for a minute as you are adjusting something, and they go to step out, and your shoes stay in the mud!  It weights eight or ten pounds per shoe - it was exhausting working in it