091016 - Had a contractor in there all day today doing framing.  Chris, Cat's husband spent a good chunk of the day working there, along with Al.  Chris managed to level the two C can's, and got the base unit within 1/8 of an inch of each along the length.  Wow - there is about 1 inch at the top, which should be enough for the water to run off either side of the C cans.  We had a rough start with the cutting torch, but finished strong.  The openings between the two C cans are now cut down to about 1/8 of an inch high.  The rest will come off with a grinding wheel.  Here are some pictures.


David B. dropped by, as did Cat.  Jeff F. and his buddy Jason dropped by.  We got a lot done this afternoon / evening.  Thanks Chris for giving us the day.  Come back and visit us when you are back from the desert.

091015 - I had a contractor at the site all day today.  The openings are framed in and both sides squared off.  I have another buddy going to show up tomorrow who is going to clean up some of the welds for the door locks, as well as the contractor back to finish the framing.  By end of day tomorrow, I am hoping to have the framing finished, the locks welded on, the floor leveled, and the steel on the bottom of the floor removed with a cutting torch.

This weekend we can work on leveling the C cans, cinching them together, bolting them together, and the rodent control and weather-proofing in.  We intend to get together with Jeff this weekend, and map out the electrical and supporting wiring infrastructure.

Here are some pictures at the end of the evening today.

Standing at the West end of the North C can

Same direction and shooting location - we extended the posts - it was easier than trying to cut out the steel.  We give up a little bit of room, but this is a 'shack' and we'll live with it.  You can see where the wall wasn't cut too close to the floor.  The 2x4's will be removed, and we'll try and remove the remaining steel with a cutting torch.  It would be ideal to not have a tripping hazard there - but if necessary, there will be a 'bump'.

Figuring out how to make the opening rodent proof and water-tight is going to be interesting.  We'll get the cans relatively level, and then we'll look at making the water run off slightly to one or both sides.  I want to be able to capture the water, for hand washing and fire fighting if necessary.  We'll likely rig something to move the water to storage on the roof.

Looking West, from the South C can

So - decisions still outstanding - or under evaluation

  • Power from Hydro - assume not, put in generator, solar - bonus if we can get it

  • Heat - wire for 220 volt baseboard heaters - if hydro is in - we can use it, otherwise no

  • Look into propane - furnace, fireplace, bbq, ?

  • Determine amount of 12v versus 24v systems we are going to run

  • Determine what lights, other items we are going to put on inverter (amplifier for one)

  • Figure out alarm system options

  • What are we going to do with Solar?