091014 - Headed over to the project after work today.  Chris joined me, and did the majority of the work.  I had picked up some more skill saw metal cutting blades.  We went through them both.  The pictures are pretty bad, but you can see what got accomplished this evening - from my camera phone.

End of the day, Chris had cut out the three panels, and we are now a 'double-wide' C can.  The framing and headers may go in tomorrow, with a contractor doing them.  We will then level the C cans, pulling the bottom in together and the top about two inches apart.  This will have the water flow to the outside - where we can recover it via eaves troughs and water barrels.

Once we have the bottoms and tops cinched together, we will bolt them.  I can then work on rodent proofing the openings, and then waterproofing them.  I will use 1/2 inch square rabbit wire for the rodent proofing, and then foam fill for waterproofing.

Thanks Chris - awesome effort and results.  This is going to work - later this week we will use a cutting torch to level the floor. 

Jeff will be over this weekend, and we will put our heads together to finalize the floor plan, and start the wiring plan.

In case anyone was wondering, it started to rain, and it was like the Poseidon adventure in the center of the C cans.

091012 - Long day out at the Project today.  Chris met me for breakfast, and worked his tail off, cutting out three of the panels in one of the C cans.  Tough, dirty work - thanks Chris.  We had some buddies - Ham and non-ham drop by today on the project today.  The two brothers also dropped by to check out where we are at.

Dave - VE7DPE - who set up the coax and helped trip the antenna

Bill - using the battery off of the Hybrid - Yaesu 897D - 100 watts - first contact VE7AZQ - Al - he provided the dipole we were using!

Success on the 80 meter dipole - low SWR

Christian and Kenny - framing out the second C can

A few friends - we can work with this!

Bill and Al -long day - good results - Thanks Al

Little get together - a few friends - breaking in the project

Chris - the machine - cutting out the panels - tough, dirty work

Bill - activating VG7V for the first time - battery power, paper logs, freezing my butt off!  It was so cold!