091007 - A couple of more excellent contributions to the project today.  First were two storage containers - one for the generator, and one for the batteries.  They were used storage lockers for mountain top repeaters.  They are made out of steel, heavy duty and then some.  They are insulated, about four foot by four foot square, and ten feet high.  They are ventilated at the top.  They have special security torx bolts on them, but I think that I will add the round locking mechanisms as well.  Two of us could stand inside them, and the door access is huge. The only insurance I am going to get in this environment is what I install - not buy from an insurance broker.  My plan had called for putting the generator and the batteries inside one of the C cans, but I really wasn’t happy with that idea.  I had looked at a number of potential solutions, but none as outstanding as this one!

The second unit, I will put shelves in it and install multiple banks of batteries.  That was the second donation - wet cell nicads - about 800 amp hours worth.  Then I was at the Surrey club meeting and found out that Bo had bought a new motor home, and the batteries he bought a year ago don't fit in the new unit.  So there is another 400 amp hours of storage to add to the pool.  I've got two x 600 amp hour 'Cat' batteries, as well as two x 220 amp hour Golf Cart six volt batteries.  Here are some pictures:

The end two units - they need a coat of paint for sure.  The tops are angled to accept Solar Cells, facing south.

Inside of the boxes - insulated, and lined with plywood

Heavy duty door hinges - insulation - solid construction - these are going to be awesome

091006 - Got a call late this afternoon - the contractor wanted to get the Hydro poles in today.  I forgot the memory stick for the phone, so have one or two pictures on the internal memory, and the others were done on my camera phone (yuck).  Also, not sure what happened to the weather today, but it was overcast and ugly.

The pictures above were taken from the West fence of the 'Compound', looking due East.  You can see the high voltage lines in the distance.  Three Hydro poles planted.  The following pictures show the planting of the poles - camera phone - so they aren't very good

Standing at the North side of the Compound - looking up hill - due south

Last check to be sure Jimmy Hoffa didn't slip down there!  These holes were 8 feet deep

091005 - End of day on Monday.  Owwww.  I was at the farm at 6:30 this morning.  The dozer operator showed up at 6:35 a.m..  Beautiful morning, sunrise around 7:20 a.m. and the weather is unbelievable.   I worked from the Hybrid for most of the day, and finished up with a couple of hours in the field.  Below are some pictures of what was going on.  They are thumbnails, so click on them for the full picture.

Al and I got the pulleys and ropes on the three Hydro poles.  They were going to be installed today, but it didn't happen.  The dozer worked in the field most of the day.  Eight loads of 3- gravel, and there is a decent 'compound', and the field has been cleaned up so the water should flow around the pad.  The excavator needs to spend a couple of hours in there, cleaning things up, but we are on the right path.

The first 'C' can showed up at my buddy's work yard today - the second one is expected tomorrow.   We should get it in the field later this week.

We did a final test of the ISS contact late this afternoon.  Went well.  We have at least 7 days of beautiful weather ahead of us, so I want to maximize what we can get done, before the weather turns.  We expect to plant the Hydro poles either tomorrow, or the next morning.

Al - working out of his 'Field Office'

Where we ended up at when we left to work on the ISS preparation.  Al's truck, checking out the 'Compound' and pad, and the road leading out of there.  It looks good.   A lot more work than I was expecting, but there is a decent ditch / swale around the compound.  It will require a bit of work by the excavator, but I think this part of the field will be reasonably dry through the wet season.

The contractor expects that we need to put down two loads of chips and dust to seal the road bed when he gets back from vacation.

First 'C' Can will be ready to put in there later this week.  Need to schedule the landscape ties for mid this week.  We're on the right path!







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