090705 - Been doing some more tinkering.  My meeting with the Farmers was cancelled yesterday - sunny days, and they were "making hay while the sun shined".  I'm currently scheduled to meet with them on Monday at 1:00 P.M.

Here are some layouts of the antennas I'm looking at:

So - On the area that I am looking at putting the "C" Can, there are four antenna support structures.  North is up, there is a tower in the bottom left corner, 40 feetish high.  The other three structures are 45 yards away - due North, due East and then a third one to make up the square.  This is important, as I will be laying over antennas on several more diagrams in the following pictures.

Here is the same layout, but now showing where I would potentially fence, and the "C" Can, and how I would do the gates.

Here we are showing two 80 Meter and two 40 Meter Dipoles.

Here is showing a 80 Meter Horizontal Loop antenna.

Here is showing how I would put additional antennas on the site.  This shows VHF - UHF Yagi beams, as well as a small HF antenna on the lower left 40' tower.  In addition, there is a 6 Meter vertical, a 10 Meter Vertical, and a 2 Meter Vertical.  In addition, I think it would be possible to put in a Steppir 80 - 6 Meter Vertical antenna as well.

These diagrams are to show what I can do with the area around the "C" Can.  This doesn't show what I can do with additional towers and beams, which I will document shortly.  I was most concerned about how much space I needed in order to leverage the most that I could with the space that I was going to ask to be dedicated to antennas.  The space for the beams is relatively small compared to the space for "C" Can and the dipoles, so I'm less concerned about that.


And the 53 foot "C" Can





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